Programming and Software Experience:


• C#/C/C++

• Java

• Python


• Angular (i.e. CSS/TS/HTML)

• JSON/jQuery/Javascript


• CUDA/OpenMP/pthreads/MPI

• Raspberry Pi & Arduino


• Restful & Web API


• Transmitters/Receivers

• Soldering




• Visual Studio/TFS/EF



• Git/Docker/Slack/Jira

OS Environment Experience:

Linux, Windows, Mac, and Android

Specialized Courses:

• Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms (UHCL & TXST)

• Artificial Intelligence (UHCL)

• Computer Security (UHCL) & Advance Computer Security (TXST)

Decision Support Systems (UHCL)

• Design of Database Systems (UHCL)

• Software Engineering (UHCL)

• Web Development (UHCL)

Parallel Processing (TXST) & Advanced Parallel Computing (TXST)

Computer Networks and Communications Systems (TXST)

Azure Development (Microsoft Professional Course)

• Advanced Machine Learning (TXST)

Work History:

Software Engineer 2018 - 2019


While acting as the lead Software Engineer for the Austin Site, my job was to:

  1. Create an FFMPEG and C# based app to capture four camera & gameplay feeds from multiple raspberry pi cameras and PCs asynchronously, with rapid post-process effects and AWS data transfer. Users could then post their experience to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn directly from where the content was hosted on our webpage.

  2. Create multiple controller apps for managing Linux and PC processes and to remotely control PCs, tablets, Rapsberry Pi, transmitters, receivers, and a two ~50 port LAN Switches.

  3. Coordinate with contractors on Angular projects posting to GitLab and managing via Jira.

  4. Work with company leadership as a Core Product R&D specialist.

  5. Architect control systems for hardware and software components.

Software Developer 2016 - 2018

Pimsoft Inc.

In my time as a developer for Pimsoft Inc., my responsibilities were to:

  1. Design, develop & unit test web, windows and cloud applications.

  2. Develop windows applications using Windows Forms, WPF, MVVM and Entity Framework.

  3. Develop web & cloud applications using ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, JQuery, KnockoutJs or AngularJs, JSON, XML, WCF, Web Api.

  4. Work extensively with Microsoft Azure, IOT and cloud tools.

  5. Manage databases and perform database tasks including writing SQL queries, stored procedures, triggers, etc.

  6. Handle support escalation calls, and perform bug fixes.

  7. Coordinate as the Houston point-person for the Development Team.

  8. Act as a functional manager for local contractors and Jr. Developers in conjunction with our Italian office.

Research Assistant 2014

University of Houston - Clear Lake

  1. Researched, designed, and implemented mobile applications involving the connection of mobile devices via a Bluetooth connection to a Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

  2. Researched and began implementing mobile image processing algorithms using OpenCV.

  3. Participated in research cross-training to collaborate with other team members.

  4. Soldered hardware components for various projects.


Research Excellence Award - TXST 2022

A faculty nominated award given to students based upon their research: Award Page

Scholarship Recipient - High Performance Graphics Conference 2019

A scholarship awarded to individuals with demonstrable work and interest in Graphics. The scholarship was to attend the HPG 2019 conference.